About Us

Gümüş formwork company combining 32 years of experience in the construction industry with its young and dynamic structure,  whit produce project-supported, durable and more useful molds that minimize human labor in order to provide you with better service in the rapidly rising construction structures in the changing epoch.

We draw all kinds of concrete molds you dream of with 3D solid model designs, then make the necessary presentations and manufacture it them.

We try to provide impressive landscaping with the application of unique patterned garden wall molds that beautify the environment of our living spaces,  beautiful places of worship with mosque and minaret molds, minimizing the cost in rapidly expanding construction and cooperative areas and long-term usable steel molds, special project, boutique businesses and many other areas.

We behavier and direct our work according the awareness that our greatest asset is time.

Our aim is to start a golden epoch in the construction industry by carefully designing and producing molds with practical installation, minimizing manpower and production costs

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